landscape or portrait?

“a good photograph is knowing where to stand” ~ Ansel Adams

I was asked for photographs for a large collage frame my daughter was hanging over her couch in their living room.  The frame called for portrait format photographs.  As we looked through the many photos I’ve taken, I realized that I very seldom take photographs in a portrait format.  I am prone to taking photographs in a landscape format, I guess because it just looks more natural to my eye. 

I suppose it’s just more natural to most of us to view a photograph in landscape format  because that’s how we naturally see the world on a daily basis.  The majority of photographs that I see taken in portrait format are usually wedding portraits or engagement photographs and maybe even waterfalls, because of the height I suppose, they seem to look more natural taken this way.  After realizing that the majority of my photographs were not taken in this type of format, I thought I would take a few photographs in both formats to see what looked more pleasing.

03-26-18 Gerber Daisies-10_LR

I set up a few still life scenes and tried both formats to see what I liked better.

03-27-18 Gerber Daisies-12_LR

03-26-18 Gerber Daisies-12_LR

03-26-18 Gerber Daisies-9_LR

In the end, I really liked both formats.  I must get in the habit of taking both types of photos instead of being so stuck in my ways.  What format do you prefer? I would love to hear from you.

I must tell you I am so enjoying the beautiful daylight when I return home after work.  The time change has been giving me a chance to enjoy my favorite hobby after a long day at work.

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Until next time . . .

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4 Replies to “landscape or portrait?”

  1. I agree with what Cecelia said. Portraits are definitely much more up close and personal. I tend to do a variety of styles with my photography. For me, it really all depends on what my subject is. Although recently I learned that the portrait style fills more of what is able to be seen on the Instagram feed and other than my blog, my photos go there. I’ve been trying to make the switch … because it comes naturally to hold the camera to where you’re getting a landscape photo. Great post and beautiful photos Debra!

    1. It is more natural to hold the camera for a landscape photo. However, from an artistic point of view I need to broaden my horizons.
      Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed my photos!

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