Every Life Has a Soundtrack . . .

“When you’re standing in the moment, every life has a soundtrack.” ~ Brett Eldredge

In this hectic world we live in, there never seems to be time to slow down and just enjoy life.  As a child, cell phones, computers and social media did not exist. My sister and I colored, rode bikes, and played in our swimming pool.  My mom discouraged us from being inside, unless the weather was bad.  Instead we were encouraged to be outside and enjoy the fresh air, albeit, sometimes it was a bit hot, our only rule was to return home in time for dinner.  That was how life was thirty plus years ago.

Today, life has become more hectic than I could have ever imagined.  With all of the digital equipment so close at hand, the world has become instant and “now”.  If it’s not instant, then we have no patience to wait for it, and we move onto the next thing.

McKenzie at Thanksgiving 2017_Blogboard_LR

Cristine and Dan_NL

I have found that photography has taught me to slow down and take in my surroundings. It has taught me patience, giving me the ability to enjoy moments of time and document those moments along the way.  In a sense, creating my soundtrack or story, something I can leave behind when I am no longer physically here. I am nowhere near the end of my journey, photographs tell a story, my story.  I’ll continue to photograph events, places and objects that mean something to me, that can relay how I feel and what I am thinking for as long as I am able to.

Washington State_-681_LR
Seal Rock, Oregon – My first West Coast Sunset

I encourage you to find your soundtrack, tell your story.  Everyone has a story, it’s up to you to share it with others so they have a piece of who you are and what your soundtrack sounds like.

Big Sur_California_205_LR
Big Sur, California – I could spend eternity here . . .

Thanks for following along, until next week . . .

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