A New Beginning . . .

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” ~ Tom Peters

Each year we are given 365 new days to begin fresh. As we begin the new year, we have new hopes, desires and wishes for the best year ever. Most people make New Years Resolutions, however, many, including me, do not follow through with those resolutions. Regardless, we still have a clean slate and an entire year to accomplish wonderful things.

I haven’t photographed much in the last few months, nor have I written my blog as often as I would have liked to. I took time off to make a Christmas stocking for my grandson, which took me four months to complete. I forgot how much I love to cross stitch. I am so happy I rediscovered it, although, now I need a huge magnifying glass and very bright light to see those teeny, tiny squares

As I begin this year with high hopes for photography, I was introduced to a new person by my very good friend Carolyn of Sixteen Miles Out, (@sixteenmilesout). She follows Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot, (@thebiteshot) who is an amazing food photographer located in Arizona. Joanie Simon has introduced me to some very interesting ideas and new ways to use lighting in food photography. I’m sure this type of lighting could be applied to any form of photography though. Joanie is an extremely talented food photographer and quite enjoyable to watch on her YouTube channel. I’ve linked her above, I hope you check out her website.

I love the detail in the petals from behind

My intentions this year are to to experiment with food photography, sell more of my greeting cards, hopefully incorporating food photography in those cards and to simply focus more on my photography.

In the meantime, I have taken some fun flower photographs for you. As I gear up to deliver Valentine’s Day cards to a local shop who carries my line of cards, you might see some hearts coming your way. Please enjoy the flowers and hopefully some fun food photographs will be posted soon.

Thanks for following along . . . Until next time

6 Replies to “A New Beginning . . .”

  1. Love your blog post! Sounds like an exciting year ahead. I used to cross stitch too. Funny how things we enjoyed at one time get placed on the back burner for other things, and one day we revisit them and realize how enjoyable they were. I just recently discovered The Bite Shot too and thoroughly enjoy watching her videos and seeing her beautiful photography! She also is a great encourager!

  2. Great post Deb n seeing flowers makes me think of springtime which I love so
    Thanks n good luck ur photos n cards Iโ€™m sure they are beautiful like u my #1 niece
    Love u

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