who needed whom . . .

Those who follow my blog know, 2019 didn’t start off too well. We lost our Westie, McKenzie, the day before my birthday. Trying to make the most of my birthday, we had dinner reservations with my daughter and son-in-law, immediately before picking them up, I hurt my back and could barely walk, it took several weeks before I felt better.

The loss of McKenzie was so painful, I just could not get past losing her. I honestly thought I did not want anymore dogs. It was me who kept saying, after she is gone, I’m not ready to take care of another dog. Words, just words! As the weeks passed, the loneliness Brian and I felt in our home didn’t seem to subside.

One day I received an email from a rescue with a photo of Rufins, he was so cute and I asked Brian if we could get a rescue dog. At first he didn’t understand what rescue truly was, we both had never owned a rescue dog before. As I researched and applied for numerous dogs, never actually getting one, I was shocked at how many dogs are homeless, no one to love and take care of them.

Each day I would comb through the Southern Paws Rescue website searching for a puppy and hoping I would apply for soon enough and be chosen. The process is so completely different than buying a puppy, and I truly did not understand the entire process of a rescue dog. I did know that we could give another dog a good and loving home.

Then Georgia showed up on their site, her tiny face with straggly hair caught my attention. She was six weeks old, a Yorkie-Daschund mix, and so darn cute. I applied for her immediately. Luckily, I submitted my application in time and was chosen. After I was chosen, we went through many emails, phone calls and a virtual tour of our home. Once this was complete, I received the Congratulations email that we were approved, Brian and I would be Georiga’s parents.

We were given a list of items needed before picking her up on March 3rd. Brian and I happily went to the pet store and purchased the items we were instructed to obtain prior to meeting her. This past Sunday we took the two and one half hour drive to northern NJ to pick up Georgia. We had been tossing around names for her and decided we would call her Lily and Lily she is!

If you are thinking of becoming a dog owner, I encourage you to consider a shelter or rescue dog. There are so many dogs, young and old, well and sick that need good, loving homes to call their own. I know a rescue pet is not for everyone, but there are plenty of people who should consider owning a rescue pet.

As you look at this cute face with her straggly and wild hair, rest assured that she will be in many photos going forward. My intention is to document our first year with Lily, I hope you will follow along.

I don’t know who needed whom more, us or Lily?

Until next time . . . thanks for your continued support and interest.

22 Replies to “who needed whom . . .”

  1. We rescued our pup, Rebel, from Southern Paws 2 years ago today! She is a dream dog and the organization is wonderful to work with. Hoping to adopt another pup from them soon!

  2. Love this! We adopted Kiki on January 31 from Southern Paws and are just over the moon in love with her! She is currently one of three rescues in our home. She is so cute, people are constantly asking what breeder I got her from and are stunned when I say she is a rescue. My other dog Bandit was a rescue from St. Hubertโ€™s and our cat Frankie is also a rescue from West Milford Animal Shelter. I could never imagine myself getting a pet any other way!

  3. Congratulations on your new fur baby. All but two of my dogs have been rescues. My dogs are both getting old and Iโ€™m dreading the inevitable with my terrier rescue. She is my everything and I hate to face life without her. Your new baby is so cute.

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