Summer’s Last Hurrah . . .

“…and all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”  – Oscar Wilde

As seasons go, summer is my favorite season!  There is a relaxed and slower feel to everything.  Barbecues, amazing flowers, color everywhere, and of course the beach.  This year our summer began with a trip to the west coast.  We visited Washington State, Oregon and California.

Washington State_-168_LR
Congratulations Kayleigh and Dylan!

Our trip began with a family wedding in Snohomish, Washington. From there we drove down the Pacific coast through Oregon, with our final destination in San Francisco.  A trip of a lifetime, in my opinion.  If you ever have the opportunity to drive the Pacific Coast Highway, I highly recommend it!

Washington - Oregon-529_HR

The remainder of the summer seemed to fly by quicker than I could have imagined.  Most summers we visit the beach quite often, this year however, we became first time grandparents, therefore every weekend was filled with fun visits with our grandson.  He was too young for the beach, or heat in general, so this summer was a bit different from the norm.

Summer will be a faint memory tomorrow, since today is Labor Day and the unofficial end to summer.  Once September arrives most of the tourists trickle to a mere few, giving people who live near the beaches their solitude with the beach and ocean once again.  I wanted to share some photographs from yesterday.

We began our morning in Ocean City, NJ

09-02-18 Ocean City-3_LR

We ended our evening in Brigantine, NJ.

09-02-18 Brigantine-18_LR

To quote my husband, “I could sit and listen to the sound of the ocean forever!”

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and now I guess, we must celebrate the arrival of Autumn in a few short weeks.  The stores are already filled with pumpkins, fall decorations and Halloween costumes.  Sad really, but time does march on quicker than we want it to.  Happy Fall Y’all!

Have a fabulous week ahead. Until next time . . .

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A Sunday Morning in June

Well life is short
And love is rare
And we all deserve to be happy while we’re here ~ Little Big Town

04-15-17 Tulips-36-HDR_HR

Sunday Morning …

As the warm summer breeze blew through the window, my entire day was brightened. It has been a cold and rainy spring here in New Jersey and the bright sunshine was a welcomed change.  Spring typically has some warmer days but usually more cold days, then without notice summer shows up.

Today, I wanted to share some beautiful bright colors with you, which for me, represents what summer is all about.  Summer has an easiness about it, relaxed summer nights sitting on our front porch, watching the humming birds feed and play with each other.  Neighbors walking their dogs and stopping by for a small conversation and let’s not forget the beautiful sunsets and the smell of the sweet summer air.

06-10-17 Flowers-17-HDR_HR

My blue chair featured today was quite a find in a craft store, which sadly, is not longer there.  I could not believe my ears when the owner said $20, so in my car it went.  It has served me well in the last two years that I’ve owned it.  It’s old and worn and the bright cheery blue instantly makes you feel happy.  Pair it with some vibrant orange flowers and beautiful tulips and you cannot go wrong!

06-10-17 Flowers-14-HDR_HR

When I search for flowers, I don’t always have an idea or composition in mind.  As I begin to arrange the flowers, and play around with some of my props, the picture and story seem to unravel.  This is what brings the quiet in my mind and the peacefulness. There could be complete chaos outside my studio, but in my world, there is just calm and peace.

I’m sure there are hobbies or things that would bring the same quiet peacefulness for you, the secret is to find that one thing and bask in it.  Make it a point, if even for 10 minutes a day, to find that quiet in your mind and enjoy it.  It will change your entire perspective on how you look at your day.

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Until next week …